Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Descriptions


New to yoga or simply like practicing the basics? This is a great place to start your morning and your journey into the flow.

Each class is tailord to teach the foundational movement and poses of yoga allowing you the space to embody the asanas and the sanskrit names along the way.

Heart + Soul Restorative

Heart + Soul Restorative is an all levels class focusing on deep release and slow movement. This class blends elements of Yin yoga and Hatha yoga together to allow for a sweet surrender. Students will hold stretches for longer to allow deep release and meditate on unraveling inner and outer tension to restore harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Spinal Hydration

Suffer from chronic neck or low back pain and want to create better function in your body? 

Or maybe, you have been recently injured and are looking for a starting point to get back into the flow of yoga?

Spinal Hydration is a class led by our doctor of Chiropractic, specifically designed to help strengthen the core muscles of movement and retrain a brain out of chronic pain.

Soul Flow

Start your morning off with movement! This is an all levels vinyasa class that taps each participant into the deeper connection of yoga, the yoking of breath and movement.

In this Vinyasa flow classes students can expect to enjoy a movement meditation journey guided by the breath and thoughtfully weaved in music. Creating length and tone in the body and calming the mind, this class will leave you feeling uplifted and energized.

Sacred Sound + Soul Fusion 

Come home to yourself. Be soothed emotionally, and physically with healing sound frequencies. This is a 45minute reset to calm and regulate the nervous system and prepare for the week or season of life ahead. 

This class is for those who are looking for a space to rest and reset. A experience of sitting with the mind and feeling what comes up.

KailaXGaia takes us on a journey through sound bowls and shares original songs or love letters to self.

Soul Shine

Start your weekend off with an intentionally crafted yoga class and a deeper understanding of the philosophy of yoga. This class blends many styles of yoga keeping you on your toes every visit. Move your body and set your intentions for the week to come.

Ancient Arts Yoga

We will breathe in ways that activate and restore. We will move in ways that harmonize our breath to our body. 

We will touch on many ancient arts, ChiGung, TaiChi, Hatha and Yin Yoga. 

We will honor the passing of the seasons in each class: the Spring awakening, the energy of Summer, the healing of Fall where we let go of our leaves and come back to the solitude of Winter. 

To be fulfilled, each class should be as a day fully lived. 

Pre + Post Natal Flow

Are you expecting? Or post partum? This class is designed for you! 

Sunset Vinyasa Flow with live music by Kaila

Have you ever practiced yoga to live music? Embark on a journey of sound and movement in this gentle vinyasa class.

 If you are new to yoga or are looking for a smoother more low key flow, this is the class for you. 

Students can expect to move through a few asanas connecting breath with movement in an intentional and slow way. We will activate the specific muscle each pose is targeting all while being serenaded by KailaXGaia. 

Every class finishes with a live sound bath and closing meditation.